Shopper’s Guide to COVID-19


Image courtesy of New Scientist

Alexander Jansiewicz, Staff Writer

Image from New Scientist.

So far, this year has been crazy beyond proportions. Contrary to expectations, a global pandemic has surged across the world infecting millions. Try telling yourself that during January, and I bet no one would believe you! It’s insane to think how this year has flown by and absolutely no one expected to have to go through a pandemic during the middle of it. As we stay at home and keep cozy in our beds and couches, soon enough we have to brave it out and go shopping for more groceries. Hopefully, this step-by-step process will help you combat any negative influences.

  1. Have 70% isopropyl alcohol and soap at the ready
    This is extremely important in the disinfection process, as cleaning off any packages/cans/jugs will help you stay one step closer.
  2. Take a mask and disposable gloves when going out.
    Be sure to wash your hands after you take them off as well, and be sure to avoid touching your face or anyone else during the process.
  3. Make sure you don’t have any other tasks to do.
    Setting off time is extremely important. Since everyone else is going to be braving this pandemic to get supplies, you have to be prepared to stand in long lines, some stretching across the entire store.
  4. Stay AT LEAST 6 feet away from other shoppers
    Pay attention around you and make sure nobody is approaching you. If someone comes close, ask kindly to keep a distance away. In the event that you encounter someone who starts blatantly harassing your personal space (God forbid, coughing), call security and move away.
  5. Bring shopping inside
    Before you store it, make sure you grab some paper towels and alcohol spray. Spray any packages of items you bought, and then bring them inside. If they’re still wet with spray, use the paper towels to dry them off.
  6. Remove your protection.
    When you finish, remove your mask, spray it with alcohol, and leave it to dry if you are totally finished with your tasks to do in public spaces. Otherwise, keep it on. Take off your gloves carefully, and wash your hands immediately.

For more COVID-19 protection resources, as well as current info, please be sure to check the CDC’s official website.