Parasite Movie Review

I know I’m quite a few months late, but I’ve been busy lately. That being said, I’ve just finished watching the award-winning, Korean-made film, Parasite. The movie, running at 2hr and 12 min, is amazing for every minute of it. Now I’ll state it here that this article will have spoilers so read onward at your own risk. Everything about the movie was amazing from the sweeping shots to the juxtaposition between events and it all ending when plans come together. It amazed me that a movie could be humorous, suspenseful, dramatic and violent at once. There was not a genre that this movie did not cover. It kept your brain thinking the entire time, past events coming back up and most importantly constantly guessing what would happen next.

Going into a little Mrs. Clark-style analysis here, the representation it gave on class structure was impressive. SPOILER TIME. When the original housekeeper got the photos of the family, you could see how quickly the power got to their head. She didn’t try to get her husband out, but rather, they laid on the couch and mocked the family while he commented on how much he enjoyed his power. One interesting thing about the Korean movie, and something you see often in anime as well which leads me to believe that the East Asian media industry as a whole follows this trope. In America, feelings are often hidden or stereotyped, leading to lots of time delving into the mental states of characters, wondering what they are lying or what their motives truly are. But Korean characters simply want to “go see the sun” and will do exactly as they say meaning less time focusing on the what-ifs, and more time watching the story develop. One thing I absolutely loved was the title. It led me to believe it was an alien horror movie, but when the parasite was the family just moving into the house, it made so much sense and gave me a moment of insight. 

We’re gonna end it here before I continue rambling on and on. But those were my biggest takeaways from the movie. With such a jampacked film you could go on and on about what it means, but for now, I bid you adieu.