OP Welcomes Cheryl Riley for a Respect Life Assembly

This Thursday, OP welcomed Cheryl Riley, the Director of the Respect Life office in the Diocese of Metuchen, to come in and deliver a speech to the upper school students. Cheryl started off by telling us the story of her abortion. She told us how she was forced into making a decision that caused her to go through 12 years of pain. She then told us about the steps she took to recover from her abortion, and how she found comfort through events offered through the church and through her family. 

 She then told the stories of her two children, who also went through their own issues with abortion. She told us that despite being in college, studying to be a nurse, her daughter and boyfriend were able to raise their child and not have to abort. She then told the sadder story of her son, whose girlfriend aborted their child without him knowing after he had prepared to become a dad.

All in all, Cheryl delivered a moving speech, that all of us will remember for the rest of our lives.