Freshman Basketball Recap

Image Courtesy of Oratory Prep

The Oratory Prep Freshman basketball team played their final game against Madison this Thursday, and after three months of rigorous practice, they can finally end the season with pride. Overall, the Freshman team did pretty well, considering it was, for the most part, the first year playing with each other as teammates. They started the season a bit slow, but as they learned to grow comfortable with each other, they started to really improve. Though they had their ups and downs, the outcome of the season and all that they have learned from it makes up for the rollercoaster of a season.

The Freshman Basketball team consists of fourteen freshman students: Walter Bowen, Quinn Boylan, Shay Bradley, Joe Catalano, Patrick Feit, Greg Jones, Luis Lapenta Sira, Ryan Manahan, William Olahan, Rodney Parks, Zach Pavlounis, John Rybak, Justin Smith, and Nico Stauffer. All of these players have shown tremendous improvement from the start of the season and will continue to improve as they progress through the years. Although the freshman team had cuts and not everyone made it on the team, the people who did not make it will have a chance to redeem themselves when they tryout for the JV team next year. Those who made the team this year will also have to not only prove once again that they should be on the team but also improve their skills for the upcoming season.

The Freshman basketball team did really well this season and will continue to show great strides in their performance in the next couple of years. Although the season was a bit shaky, they have improved so much as a team, and that will continue as they make their way to the JV team.