Stupendous Skiers take on the Slopes

Stupendous Skiers take on the Slopes

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Connor McDermott, Staff Writer

This past long weekend, a group of Oratory Students along with Mr. Crum Sr., Mrs. Mahan, and Coach Roy, went on the annual Ski Trip. This year the group went back up to Smugglers Notch in Vermont. The group left after lunch on Wednesday and went straight to the resort. 

The next three days were filled with non-stop fun on and off the mountains. The holiday weekend lead to almost no lines on Thursday and Friday, meaning everyone could take as many runs as they liked. Despite being foggy on Thursday and dipping below zero degrees on Friday, the skiers still had an amazing time. 

After everyone was done skiing for the day, they had a little time to rest up before dinner and the nightly activities. After dinner with the entire school group, the individual groups could have a free range of the resort. This meant they could go to the ice cream shop for something to eat or to the hot tub to warm up after a cold day on the mountain. 

Saturday was busier and shorter for the group but everyone was able to make use of their time and rested up on the bus ride home to enjoy the remainder of the long weekend.

All in all, this year’s ski trip was an enjoyable trip for all and an OP event everyone is waiting to go on again next year.