NBA All Star Game- A Complete Joke

Logan Drone, Staff Writer

For the past couple of years, the NBA All Star Game has become more and more of a joke. Players won’t ever try anymore, even with a monetary incentive to win the game. As a viewer and a fan, the game isn’t even fun to watch as players just chuck up 3’s and alley-oops ever play. Even with all of this nonsense from the players on the court, the NBA can’t even correctly choose the right players to play in the game. This year, they left out Bradley Beal of the wizards, who is 5th in PPG this year shooting at a 45.4% clip. Along with that, Beal is averaging 6.3 assists per game, pretty much single-handedly carrying the Wizards squad this year. However, the NBA chose to have Domantas Sabonis instead of Beal, who is only averaging 18.2 points this year as a power forward. Although he is still averaging 12.7 rebounds per game, Beal has been playing like a top 15 player at least this year, and he deserves a spot on the 2020 All-Star Game roster. 

Along with Bradly Beal, sharpshooter Devin Booker of the Suns was snubbed of an all-star game spot as well. Booker is averaging 6.4 assists per game this year to go along with 27.2 ppg, good for 9th best in the league. Booker is doing that all while shooting at an insane 51.1%, which is completely unheard of for a guard. Booker has also been one of the only options for the Suns this year, scoring 30 points in 5 straight games earlier on in the season, which is a franchise record. In replacement of Booker, the NBA selected guard Chris Paul for the Thunder. Paul is only averaging 17.1 ppg this year and 6.6 assists per game, both stats which are down from his career average. Chris Paul is obviously regressing and does not deserve this spot on the all-star game roster, while Devin Booker is in his prime and putting up career numbers to make a case for that spot. 

Devin Booker summarizes this whole situation best as the following: “The NBA is different than the game I fell in love with at the beginning… all the best players being in the All-Star Game… Now it’s an entertainment, drama, political filled league”. The NBA must make some severe changes to the All-Star Game if they want to maintain the amount of NBA fans that they have today.