An Interview with OP Puck Manager Blaine Chestnut


Will Moran, Staff Writer

This week I had the honor of interviewing freshman hockey manager Blaine Chestnut. Blaine has been at Oratory Prep since middle school and always had a love for sports. This year he had the opportunity to replace infamous manager Jack Sildat, and the entire team can agree that he has been more than a pleasant surprise.  


What made you want to become the manager of the hockey team?

I grew up watching most of my cousins play hockey so this year, and since all I do in the winter is train for baseball, I wanted to become the manager. I also have a love for keeping stats for all sports. It is just something that I have liked to do since I was young. Not only has the job been fun but also spending time with the players on the team has been even better.


What do you do as the hockey team manager?

As the team Manager, I do many things along with my fellow manager Miles Madigan. Since Miles is a Senior he will usually be doing the scoreboard so usually I’m either in the box with him or filming the game. Also, I help write the lineup before games. Although this doesn’t sound like much, I have been really enjoying doing it.


What is your favorite part of being the team manager? 

Probably my favorite part of being the manager is getting to know all of the players on the team and being able to go to every game.


From watching the games, what do you think about the team this year?

From watching the team this year, our team is definitely a lot younger than many of the other teams we play. As the years go on I feel that our team will definitely progress and be more competitive at this level. However, I still feel that our team is doing a great job this year.


What experiences do you have working the box/taking video?

I’ve definitely learned a lot this year from doing both of these things but by far I really enjoy being in the box and being even closer to the game. Also, I like how you can always know what is going on in the game. This has also helped me enhance my knowledge of hockey.


Do you plan on being the manager next year?

I definitely plan on being the manager of the team next year. This year has been great so far.