Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

New hit or new fad?


Image Courtesy of Newegg

For months during 2019, we had barely any competitors to smash the top competitors in AAA and indie games. For months, games like League of Legends, World of Warcraft, Escape from Tarkov, and Fortnite have dominated the gaming scene, ranking in hundreds of thousands of viewers on Twitch and millions of dedicated players. Where has COD been? Is it hiding in the dust? After the failure of Infinite Warfare & Advanced Warfare, as well as the hype loss of Black Ops 4, COD was condemned for not sticking to regular boots on the ground without the fancy tech and wall-running. However, it seems that COD has made a very nice comeback. With the recent installment of Modern Warfare (2019), Infinity Ward is back at it again with a reboot of their (arguably) most popular COD series.

With loads of new maps, features, and content, COD has gotten the well-deserved refresher it needs. The campaign, to start off, is surprisingly good considering most of the other recent campaigns felt cheesy and drawn out (at least in my opinion). Not to mention, in terms of overall content, MW 2019 succeeds, as the game itself is worth between 110 to 175 gigabytes(most storage systems on console or PC are worth 500 or 1000 GBs). Still though, despite the size being an irritation, the game runs very smoothly without issues and looks fantastic even on the lowest settings. 

The classes and weapons feel fantastic, as the game allows you to fully customize weapons to your advantage. You are allowed up to 5 attachments through the limitation system implemented within “Create-A-Class,” allowing a fair balance within what attachments you desire. Thus, the game doesn’t feel too unfair in terms of new players facing off against the more kitted, more experienced bunch.

My only concern is the Skill-Based-Matchmaking (or SBMM). Although I haven’t played many matches to see how it works, I hope that the progression system within the game is good enough for both new players and old players. If it turns out though that for 3 matches I face with an overpowered tryhard, I’m not going to be very happy. 

Overall, Modern Warfare looks amazing and is full of content. I’m very pleased with how Infinity Ward has handled the game, and the work they put in has certainly redeemed them as top competitors! Let’s hope the hype continues.