Apex Legends Season 4: Assimilation


Image Courtesy of Dexerto

Most of you might know that I am a huge Apex Legends fan, having continued to support the game ever since it was first released. Most of you might not be surprised that Apex Legends has released a new season, and that I’m making this article all about it. You might be asking: “Why should I care? What does Apex have that’s so interesting this time?” Well, grab a drink and listen away, friend. I’m about to spill all the beans, baked or raw.

First off, there’s a new legend in town: Revenant. From what the recent animation trailers have teased, he’s apparently an assassin with a neat shadow form and robotic arms that shift into stabbers. The former has been shown quite extensively during the Fight or Fright event and seems to be, yet again, making its way back to the actual game. One can only hope that Revenant’s ultimate ability would be to go through shadow form, start obliterating enemies, then transform back into his normal self once his shadow form loses health. The latter seems to be a tease for his tactical ability, possibly dealing more damage with his hand stabber. However, recent leaks of audio files imply another possibility: Revenant may have the ability to disable an enemy team’s abilities entirely for a short time. Considering this possibility, many teams’ metas will shift entirely, either adopting Revenant as part of their team or continually shifting to figure out how to counter the ability.

Next, the lore. For those who’ve played the Titanfall series, there’s a significant implementation of a specific company called Hammond Robotics, responsible for (as mentioned in the trailer) a simulacrum movement. What is a simulacrum? These simulacrums have the body of a robot as well as the conscience of a human. As shown throughout the trailer, Revenant is apparently a simulacrum, having been built by Hammond Robotics while seeing his prior form as a human. From what one can see, after realizing his dark form, one can only infer that Revenant is aiming to use his skills as an assassin to take revenge against Hammond Robotics.

Finally, the gameplay itself. From what was revealed in a Devstream earlier in January, new weapons, changes to ranked, and map changes are to be revealed (this was written before the gameplay trailer). So far, a new charged sniper rifle is coming to town: the Sentinel. This is definitely a cool concept, but it makes me concerned: from what the devs describe, it is a bolt action sniper rifle that charges up for a more powerful shot. So, does this make the Kraber and the Charge Rifle useless now? I hope not. Hopefully, there are some drawbacks compared to the other weapons. For the ranked playlist, a new Master rank will be added to stop the constant influx of people being in Apex Predator. For now, only the top 500 players (according to RP count) will be predators, while everyone else below will be Master, Diamond, Platinum, etc.

Overall, I’m extremely hyped for what’s to come, and all these incentives definitely make me want to get better at Apex to a much grander scale. Hopefully, I can have some time to grind it out, considering I’ve had a lot of homework. What do you think about Season 4: Assimilation? Let me know!