Accepted Students Day Recap

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This past Saturday, Oratory’s Administration invited all those who received acceptance letters for admittance to the Class of 2024 to the Dagaeta Gym. The family members of those accepted were also invited to this gathering over the weekend as OP students and faculty gave their guests another look at the school. This is a crucial time for all those looking to enroll in OP to ensure our school is the right fit for them. 


Mr. Boniello, the Director of Oratory’s Admissions Department, began the morning with a warm welcome to all those in attendance. He then brought forward Mr. Van Hoven, OP’s leading figure in the music department, to share his insights on the school from both a teacher’s and parent’s perspectives. If you don’t know, Mr. Van Hoven has a son who attends Oratory and he mentioned that OP is a tight-knit community that is welcoming to all incoming students. Mr. Van Hoven brought up that his son had known no one coming into his first day at Oratory, but since then he has made numerous friends from various grades. Afterward, Mr. Costello, the Head of School who also has a son attending OP, informed the crowd of the impact the school has had on his own child. In regards to academics, he said that all the teachers have pushed his son to challenge himself and stay on top of his work. Mr. Costello later added that OP continues to grow every day and the applicant pool this year was at an all-time high. In addition, Mr. Briggs, an alumnus, spoke to those present and why a family would never regret sending their son to OP. He explained how he knew Oratory was the place for him since the second he visited the school. To cap off Accepted Students Day, Mr. Boniello let a well put together slideshow play out, one which contained a number of pictures capturing OP’s in and out of class activities. 


Furthermore, a wide variety of teachers, coaches, and students were at Accepted Students Day to answer any questions pertaining to OP. The spirit shop was also open and refreshments were laid out across the gym.