My Twitter Experience

I have been on Twitter for a while now, but I never really started to tweet consistently.  I am currently a junior, and I know that I would like to become a journalist in life. Making a name for yourself on social media is a good look to colleges especially in the field that I am interested in.

I have always had a love for sports.  I enjoy writing at times, but I’ve always enjoyed writing about what I love.  On Twitter, you always have to be careful about what you are tweeting. Tweeting about controversial topics is not really smart because some people may have different views.  Sometimes they occur in sports, but I stay out of them.

Putting personality into the tweets is also important.  Speaking like a robot will never catch anyone’s eye in a positive way.  I have looked through Twitter for different accounts that talk about sports while being amusing.  Using current or past events to crack jokes in the sports world shows intelligence and humor. My first tweets didn’t have any humor within them.  I was tweeting about baseball signings while giving some analysis (within the 150 character limit). Utilizing multiple tweets to explain what is going on is very important.  If you can’t get your thought across in one tweet, you have to make another. Using Twitter has become a daily routine for me. When there is nothing current to talk about, I debate with others or express my personal views on an ongoing topic.  If a game is going on, I may do some analysis on what I like or what I don’t like. There is just so much to do on the platform.

One thing that I’ve struggled with is getting exposure.  I am currently sitting at 13 followers… That doesn’t stop me from tweeting, but it would be really cool to get my tweets out there to sports fans.  I can promote it on my Instagram, but only a limited amount of my followers have a Twitter account. A solution to this could be starting a podcast.  Getting on other platforms will bring exposure to your name. Not only would my tweets be seen by a larger group, but I could voice my opinions (without being limited to the world limit).

Twitter has become really fun.  I suggest it to anyone if they are passionate about something because they could voice their opinions to others and get their name out there.