Vacationing With Marcus Lee!  Pt. 2- Pre-Planning


Marcus Lee, Staff Writer

Ok.  So you know where you’re going, you’re all packed, what now? 

  1. Choose hotels wisely – Use a booking website for hotels to get the most out of your vacation experience.  The hotel can completely alter your vacation. Would you rather get the hotel with a noisy room with an uncomfortable bed, or would you want to go back to a peaceful, quiet hotel with a cushiony bed?  Typically select hotels of your preference, but tend to lean towards 4-5 star ratings. Trivago, Trip Advisor, and other sites can help with this.
  2. Research tourist spots – While you are there, you need things to do!  Maybe to go on a hike on a famous mountain trail or to see a famous monument or even to visit a volcano, it’s all there. You can solo it, or visit with a tour group, which is typically more rewarding and safer as well.
  3. Transportation – Are you renting a car, using the train, or taking the bus?  You can’t just walk everywhere, you need a mode of transportation. Visit rental car websites to find a car deal for you, buy train tickets in advance, and plan out bus fare.  
  4. Plane ride – Pick a plane of your preference. If you need cheaper, more affordable planes, take the economy flight. Want comfortable but still not too expensive, take the business class. Willing to spend all and splurge for the best plane ride of your life? Take first class, of course!
  5. Print out passports! – I cannot stress this enough.  You do not want to be stranded at the airport for not having a passport! Get one at least six months in advance of your trip.

Now you’re all ready!