Siri Saves a Life

Liam Henderson, Staff Writer

The incorporation of Siri into iPhones was meant to make life more convenient. If there were any simple functions such as calling a contact or searching a fact, Siri could do this in a few seconds with a simple voice command. However, nobody could have foreseen the impact that Siri had on Gael Salcedo, a resident of a small city in Iowa. Around two weeks ago, he was driving to North Iowa Area Community College when he lost control of his jeep, and it plunged into a nearby river. As water rapidly filled his car, he frantically searched for his phone to call 911, but he could not find it. As a last-minute prayer, he shouted, ”Siri, call 911.” Siri responded by dialing 911, and the sound of Siri’s response allowed him to locate his phone. He described his situation to the operator, and the fire department was on the scene in a few minutes. Lieutenant Craig Warner was able to walk him through exiting his car, and he then took Gael to the hospital where he was treated for shock. Gael was able to make a full recovery and was discharged from the hospital only three hours later. Siri was not made to save lives, but, without it, Gael might not have seen another Christmas.