Senior Joseph Del Sol Commits to Drew University


Steven Fudenna, Staff Writer

When one of OP’s oddly frequent mosh pits erupts on campus, Senior Joseph “Beke” Del Sol can usually be pinpointed as the instigator. Radiant with joyful energy, Del Sol plagues the school with positivity, sentimentally infecting all those he encounters. His exotic dancing brightens OP life daily, both in the classroom and on the baseball field. Del Sol is known as not only one of the baseball team’s most talented players, but also one of its greatest leaders, as his incredible work ethic serves as a great example to younger players. In addition, his 4 years of varsity experience help him to mentor his teammates. Now, after dedicating numerous hours to his craft and the team, Joseph Del Sol has announced that he will continue to further his academic and baseball career with the Drew University Rangers in Madison, New Jersey!

I had the privilege to discuss with Del Sol his relationship with baseball, which began at the young age of 2. It’s incredible to think about how much dedication Joe has put in, continuing to play the game he loves even after 15 years. I asked Del Sol how he became involved with baseball at such a young age, and what made him stick with it. He explained that baseball runs in his family, which is from Cuba. Baseball has been the most popular sport in Cuba since the late 1800s, so Joe was born into the sport and fell in love ever since. His greatest inspiration is his father, whom Joe holds immense regard for. On his father, Del Sol says, “I can’t put into words how much he helps and guides me through life.  My brother and I are extremely lucky to have someone like him pass down his knowledge of everything he has ever learned throughout his life such as…  being a successful baseball player back in the day to now being a great businessman.” His brother, Jordan, also played baseball in college, like his father, so Joe had big shoes to fill. However, he was able to rise to the occasion and continue the lineage of collegiate baseball playing in his family.

Joe is much more than just a one-dimensional baseball player though, as his athleticism landed him a spot on the JV basketball team his sophomore. I noticed Joe’s affinity for athletics in general and wondered what made him choose baseball over other sports. Aside from his ancestral influence, Joe loves the game of baseball the most because,

it builds you up as a person, not just as an athlete.”

Joe is one of those rare players who understand the balance between mental and physical strength in a game like baseball. Joe accepts when he makes mistakes, but ensures that he learns a lesson from these mistakes to improve his play.

Del Sol has served as a middle infielder for the Ram’s baseball team, playing at both second base and shortstop. Del Sol tries to model his game after his favorite player, Robinson Cano of the New York Mets. The resemblance between Cano and Del Sol’s games is uncanny, as both are right-handed throwing middle infielders who bat lefty. Additionally, both guys are great teammates who create immense production for their squads. When asked about his thoughts for the upcoming season, Del Sol responded saying, “I just want to enjoy my last high school season with my boys and make the most of it because I will never be able to play high school baseball again, as goes for the other seniors.” Del Sol is the kind of guy who takes advantage of all of his opportunities and will be sure to make the most of this season.

I asked Joe what influenced his decision to pick Drew University, and he said that the decision was easy. 

As soon as I stepped foot on campus I knew Drew was the place for me,””

— Del Sol


“The campus is very nice and the school is not overly populated which is what I was looking for.” Joe also explained how he really liked the coach of the team, feeling like he could learn and improve a lot under his guidance. As an additional incentive, Drew University does not have a football team, so more money can be expended on the baseball team, granting them quality facilities and equipment. Joe is beyond excited to start a new adventure in college and would like to thank his family and friends for his success, and “for always pushing me to be the best version of me.” Congratulations Joe!