A Family Reunion

Joseph Marchese and Liam Henderson

Most families gather together around the holidays at a house or a family memorial to celebrate Christmas and enjoy family time together. However, Justin, Jrue, and Aaron Holiday gathered under a dome and enjoyed Christmas a little differently. On December 28th, the Holiday brothers made NBA history by being the first trio of brothers to play in the same game. The Pelicans hosted the Pacers at the Smoothie King Center, and almost thirty relatives and family members attended the game. With four minutes and fifty-four seconds left in the third quarter, more history was made as all three brothers were playing on the court at the same time. Justin, the oldest, and Aaron, the youngest, both played for the Pacers while Jrue played for the Pelicans. Jrue was supposed to check out of the game as his youngest brother was checking in, but he pleaded Alvin Gentry, the Pelicans’ coach, to keep him in the game. Although Aaron scored 25 points, Jrue’s team came out with a resounding victory by 22 points. Most family gatherings differ from the Holidays’, but this reunion was a special tribute to their hard work and accomplishments that have allowed them to become so successful in their profession.