Vacationing with Marcus Lee! Ep 1- Packing essentials


Marcus Lee, Staff Writer

Here are some quick tips to packing on trips

  1. Length- How long will the trip be?  Weekend? A week? A Month? Take this into account to prepare in advance for the trip.
  2. Clothing- Hot?  Cold? This info will tell you whether to pack shorts, or long pants, T-shirts, or long sleeves, a jacket, or a sweatshirt.  
  3. Entertainment- during your stay at the hotel, what will you do in those periods of relaxing?  Maybe you can bring a book or a Nintendo Switch to play for leisure. Maybe bring pool toys if there’s a pool there.
  4. Amenities- Stuff to carry around while your out. Hand sanitizer to keep healthy, travel guide so you don’t lose your way, camera to record your memories.
  5. Two Bags- Always bring two bags, one that you will take wherever you go, and one that will stay at the hotel with your clothes and other objects that can stay there.
  6. 1st Aid- In case of emergency, be sure to bring a first aid kit with some band-aids and antiseptic. Also, bring Tylenol and cough drops in case you get sick

And most importantly, be sure to have fun!