An OP Opinion-Piece

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Grant Raincsuk, Staff Writer

It’s the end of the year (year, not school year) and I’d have to say, this year has been quite different from last year, and I’d have to say that I have enjoyed this year more than last year. Firstly, classes are a bit more matched in difficulty than they were last year. All of my classes were CP last year, and the challenge of each class ranged from some classes like Spanish being easy and others being moderately harder like English and World History. Being in all Honors this year, there’s still some range, but I definitely like the higher challenge for them. Workload-wise, it’s been reasonable. Classes are consistent with their workload, and the assignments are usually generous timewise, although I’m not the best with time management yet. The teachers have retained their quality from last year as I greatly appreciate the openness to students for coming after school, before school, or during CWP. I hope to take more advantage of that next semester, as it would definitely benefit me. Clubs and outer school activities have been nice as well, as I’ve stayed in my clubs from last year, but I went on a SHIP trip for the first time this year, which I wrote an article on if you didn’t know. Besides differences from last year, I’d like to say a thing that I think would be good for the school to be even better, which are the bathrooms. Anyways, I hope anyone reading this has a great break because everyone deserves a good break every once in a while, and since this one is longer than usual, make sure to make the most of these days.