Flappy Golf Obsession

Marcus Lee, Staff Writer

When I first came into Oratory Prep this year, there was one game that almost every person knew about, and that game was Flappy Golf 2. I don’t know what sparked this craze, but it is a pretty fun game. Basically, you control a ball by tapping it to move left or right into a hole for each course. The highlight of this game is the race option, where you have to beat your opponents to the hole. This game is literally played everywhere, even during breakfast. This game is free to play, which is its most admirable concept. I enjoy this game as well and play it occasionally when I have time. The most prestigious goal of Flappy Golf is the superstar option, where you unlock it after starring all the holes. You must complete holes with a ridiculously low number of flaps, from 3, even down to 1 flap! It is quite a challenge.  In conclusion, I hope Flappy Golf 2 Lives on to its full potential in Oratory Prep and elsewhere.