10 Steps to Living a Happy and Good Life

Marcus Lee, Staff Writer

  1. Reduce Screen Time – try to decrease the amount of time you use your phone/laptop at least 5 minutes a day and see what a difference it will make.
  2. Get all your assignments done when they are given to you – this helps you prioritize what is important without having to cram everything.  
  3. Review material gone over in class the day of – every day, review your notes from class at home. This will help you score higher on your exams.
  4. READ – I know that no one likes reading, but it helps build your vocabulary and IQ. So if you are being interviewed after a big football game you will be able to answer more intelligently if you read. Also, there are many more benefits besides this.
  5. Forgive and forget – if someone wrongs you or roasts you, ask yourself, “is it really worth the effort?” If you say yes to this, just force yourself to walk away, and you will save yourself a whole lot more trouble than you would if you tried to come up with a comeback.
  6. Spend 15 minutes of quiet time every day doing nothing – this will help you clear your mind of all the problems you are currently facing. I personally either take a bath or shower during this period in time to reflect on myself.
  7. Be careful on the internet – do not do anything too risky on the internet.  You may regret it, and also, anything is free game to internet scammers.
  8. Do not give up – this sounds really generic, but if you have bad grades, or if you started the season off to a bad start (sports), don’t lose hope and try to make a turnaround. It will take you to amazing places.
  9. Eat healthier every day – this does not mean becoming a vegetarian. This means that we must make small right decisions every day, such as not getting a snack gradually or starting to choose water over soda. Your body will be healthier, and you will feel a whole lot better about yourself physically and mentally.
  10. YOLO – You only live once. Take risks! If you are unsure about something, go for what your brain tells you to do. You may regret not doing something in a situation later on in life. Just don’t do anything stupid that you would regret doing, because that would be pretty bad.


I hope you follow these tips and become a better person!