The Video Game Club!


Image Courtesy of PCMag

Grant Raincsuk, Staff Writer

Here at Oratory, we have many diverse types of clubs that would suit anyone’s passions and desires, but perhaps the most unique of them all is the Video Game Club.  Coming to Video Game Club provides you with a chance to play games you usually can’t play, to play with others, and to play games during school (unless you play during class hours, in which, maybe don’t do that).  Under the watchful eye of Mr. Kaounis, we definitely have a fun time with all the different opportunities there are.  


The Usuals

For the most part, the main part of the Video Game Club has been involving playing on the Nintendo Switch(es).  A Switch (so far it has always been mine) is connected to the projector via HDMI and is projected to the screen (with speaker audio) and we play multiple different games.  So far, the main ones we’ve played have been Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Super Mario Party, & Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Smash has been our main game for a while, usually being played right at the beginning of the club as playing in tournaments and such gives everyone a chance to play.  People are free to bring in their adapters and controllers so people have the ability to use Gamecube Controllers, Pro Controllers, & Joy-Cons since we only have so many controllers. Super Mario Party and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe usually are played after the majority of the club has left.  Unfortunately, those games can lead to a bit more anger towards each other, but we still have a good time.


The Potential

Now, I feel like we are able to put the club into better use still.  We have a full room and screen to put to use, but I feel like we can do more.  An XBox was brought in last time, so that’s a good start to diversifying a bit more.  Bringing multiplayer PS4 games and XBox games (with the right amount of controllers) is a perfect way to branch away from just Nintendo games and consoles.  There are also computer games we can all play such as Terraria, but that’d take more preparation and would likely require people to have to purchase said games.  There are also handheld consoles like the DS we can use if we all have the right games and consoles. Overall, Video Game has been a very fun time, but there can always be changes to make our time even greater.