New Year’s Resolutions

Liam Henderson, Staff Writer

At the beginning of each year, millions of people around the world challenge themselves to achieve a goal or correct a bad habit. They attempt at becoming a better person or improving in an area of their life through New Year’s Resolutions because they believe the New Year symbolizes a new change within themselves. Although most New Year’s Resolutions have good intentions, some of them miss the mark when it comes to actually changing one’s life. There have been many pointless resolutions created with no purpose whatsoever. For example, Harrison Scriver tweeted out that his New Year’s Resolution was to leave one chip in every single bag of chips he consumed for the rest of the year. It may be argued that this could actually help him lose weight or live a healthier life, but there are so many other ways to live a healthy lifestyle that will guarantee an impact on his life. Exercising or eating healthy would most likely be more effective, but at least he is making some kind of progress. In another bizarre tweet, MIQ JAMS tweeted that his or her resolution was to stop listening to Siri giving direction so he or she could get to places without the aid of Siri. Instead of aiming to get lost on my own, I think the more logical choice for a resolution would be to not get lost at all. Finally, an account named snowlion tweeted that her resolution was to “exercise (my right to eat) more (tacos).” If you eliminate the parentheses, this could be a valid resolution, but including them accomplishes the exact opposite. Overall, there have been some very humorous and some extremely unproductive resolutions, but the very act of making a list of resolutions shows that the person wants to change in some way even though it may be minuscule or insignificant.