Apex Legends Season 3 Review


Image Courtesy of Electronic Arts

Alexander Jansiewicz, Staff Writer

On October 1st, 2019, Respawn Entertainment released an update to their most popular game to date, Apex Legends. Said update would bring one new legend, a new energy weapon, and a new map, most of all. At first, players were a bit skeptical of the change. Many had grown to love the original King’s Canyon map and did not want to have to learn a new map. This feeling only multiplied when they learned that King’s Canyon would be gone. However, as players adapted, many people came to realize that Meltdown (the new map) was actually a great addition to the game.

As it stands, Meltdown feels much larger and more open than King’s Canyon, with plenty of opportunities for fights to play out in multitudes of ways. Large rock formations allow squad members to flank a squad and gain a significant advantage. Rolling hills and mining towers allow for easy height advantage. Combine these factors(and many more) with every Legend’s abilities and you get a fantastic melting pot of strategy and fast-paced action. With each new town and area, you get a feel for so many different types of combat that makes King’s Canyon look small and inferior. 

Crypto is also a welcome addition. Although he isn’t a part of the meta, his status as the second Legend with tracking abilities adds a lot to the game. His drones allow for easy recon and scouting of nearby areas, allowing squads to either plan out their next attack, hide, or evade to safe cover. The drone’s EMP ability is fantastic as it makes enemies extremely vulnerable by disabling body shields in a large radius(although it can be avoided by taking off your armor, or by shooting the drone in the first place). Even though his abilities are easy to counter, he has an interesting place within the legend roster through his power.

Overall, the game has freshened up and revived its levels of excitement through the new update. I’ve still been hooked to this game, and I can’t wait to see what will come next as Season 4 comes in the near future! I know Respawn Entertainment has been working really hard on trying to keep the players interested, and they’ve definitely been doing a great job!