November Is Not Christmas Time


Image Courtesy of Kevin Welsh/Youtube

Samuel Anthony, Staff Writer

Ahh, November. Maybe the worst month of the entire year. It gets brutally cold and it starts to get dark way too early. Thanksgiving is the only holiday that people look forward to in November, but even that is just a bunch of relatives getting together to eat and yell at each other for a variety of things. But among these things is a truly evil thing; something that is so distasteful that I grimace simply by thinking about it: the Christmas spirit. Now, I love Christmas; it’s a fantastic holiday for everyone. But it’s November. NOVEMBER! When does the madness end? People used to show the Christmas spirit on Christmas day; then it became Christmas week; then the entire month of December became Christmas month; then it became Christmas season after Thanksgiving; now it’s two weeks before Thanksgiving. Do we then go to a constant celebration of Christmas? We can’t spend the entire year singing Christmas carols and hanging up ornaments on trees. This madness needs to stop. Get a life; find something better to do for the next month. 

Now, I get it. Some parents say they want to get some early Christmas shopping done before the crowds hit. This is the most likely cause of the prolonged Christmas season; parents wanting to avoid the crowds and want to avoid the craziness and anxiety of Christmas shopping. Now, here’s the problem. You cannot all be going Christmas shopping in November. You cannot avoid the crowd if the crowd decides to shop for Christmas in November. Also, you completely ruin the month for the people who try to make the most of this miserable month. So, if you can, please be quiet about Christmas and Christmas shopping until December; it would be absolutely great for the majority of people around the world.