OP’s Annual Blood Drive

OP's Annual Blood Drive

Image Courtesy of Oratory Prep

Cole Noss, Staff Writer

In case you didn’t notice, this past Tuesday, the Oratory Prep Student Council held the annual blood drive in cooperation with the Red Cross. Without a doubt, it was a success, with a total of 48 donations by parents, students and even a few members of the Summit Police Department. Despite a few people passing out, the donations went well with champs like Mr. Van Hoven and Mr. McGowan going right back to teaching and being in charge, respectively. A special shoutout goes to Nick Yannuzzi, the winner of the prom ticket raffle. In appreciation for his donation, Nick Yannuzzi won $100 off his prom ticket, a prize an Oratory student would have wanted to win. It’s estimated that, as a school, we saved about 150 lives today. A nod to Peter Ainsworth, Alex Felitto and Will Heffernan for facilitating the event and making the blood drive run as smoothly as ever.