Fun at the 2019 OP Fashion Show

Nick Looney, Staff Writer


The Oratory Prep Fashion show is an annual fundraiser for the Oratory Prep Parents Guild which also begins the year of celebrations for the senior class. 


The seniors arrived bright and early, mostly dressed in stellar tuxedos, but some also dressed in the latest from Vineyard Vines. Confined to their own room, the seniors spent a long day of waiting, creating their own fun: playing football and frisbee, hosting a rap concert, and sitting around and talking. In the backstage, Oratory’ seniors patiently waited for parents to arrive and enjoy their meal, taking advantage of this time to bond as OP brothers. 


Meanwhile, many parents and others set up different stalls to exhibit their crafts and raise money for some good causes. These vendors ranged from artisanal olive oil to countless apparel items from the OP Spirit Shoppe. There was also a 50/50 grand raffle, the main draw, which the Criares family would eventually win. It wasn’t just senior parents either: moms of all grades (and dads too) attended, but the senior parents, like their sons, got the spotlight. Teachers, like the ever-popular Mrs. Pasnik, and other family members, grandparents, and even girlfriends (shoutout

Mike Finnen) were also there. They were presented with a slideshow with the boys of the senior class’s pictures and various baby and childhood photos. Finally, the seniors walked in groups themed by the places they hoped to visit in their lives as Mr. Maybe narrated their future plans. After a final lap with the entire class. The seniors each gave their mother a rose. My own mom said it was surreal that after all these years she was one of the senior moms receiving a rose. We took pictures, the raffle winner was announced, and the event wrapped up. Many seniors were not thrilled by the long hours of waiting, but “It was fun though” Kyle Roethlin said, in a much-echoed statement.