That Cool Time In History

Image Courtesy of T/5 Murray Shub

Cole Noss, Staff Writer

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Today we’re going to talk about that cool time in history when the Germans and the Americans teamed up to kick the crap out of some Nazis. This is how it went down…

Hitler had just committed suicide a mere 5 days before; this is important because all Germans were no longer Nazis. Some who were not loyal, defected, such as was the case with the platoon called the Wehrmacht. The Waffen-SS was a platoon of Nazis that left Castle Itter in order to do something in a nearby town (not important). What is important is that they left this Castle, which had a few high-level French prisoners such as ex-prime ministers, high ranking generals, and famous French tennis star Jean Borotra. So the SS left the castle, and the Wehrmacht led by Joseph Gangl took over the place in order to defend the prisoners from the Nazis who were coming back because Hitler had just died. Their goal was probably to execute all the prisoners. So one of the prisoners went out and received reinforcements from John “Jack” Lee and his squad of soldiers accompanied by 1 tank. So in total, there were about 15 Americans, 15 Germans, 1 Nazi defector, a couple of French Prisoners, and a tank, all of which were ready to defend this castle.

So the Nazis showed up and they started fighting. A machine gun destroyed the tank, Major Gangl died protecting the French Prime Minister, a few guys were wounded, and they were running low on ammo. So what’s the next plan? The French tennis star, Jean Borotra, jumped over the wall of the castle, ran past the enemy positions, and found an American unit who he asked for reinforcements. A few hours later, a bunch of Americans showed up in many tanks, swept the Nazis and that’s the only time in the entire war that the Germans and the Americans fought on the same side.