The Dreaded ACT


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Jonathan DeMontagnac, Staff Writer

For juniors and seniors, taking the ACT is a grueling process no one wants to do. This process entails countless hours of studying, nonstop work, and endless tests. While juniors and seniors know they have to do it, many begin to question what is the point of it. According to, the ACT measures a student’s college readiness and attempts to predict their academic trajectory. This test was first implemented in 1959 as an alternative tool for admission counselors, currently, though over two million students take the test and all four-year universities accept it. But as of lately, more and more schools are switching to a test-optional program instead of mandating scores. Many attribute this to the test not being fair to all that take it. Experts claim that because the test covers subjects not all schools teach (or have the ability to teach), it is unfair to some students. On the other hand, they say if the school has covered the materials it is vital to take the test. This is due to the fact that a high score on the tests tells the admission counselor two things. Firstly, you are a smart student and secondly, you are willing to work hard to succeed. So for any juniors or seniors reading this, hang in there because all your hard work will pay off in the end.