Justin Oei: The Ghost of Oratory

Image Courtesy of Oratory Prep

Christopher McAllister, Staff Writer

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Some say they still hear the former man of the year stalk the halls late at night, some have said he participates in Google Classroom discussions from the great beyond, some have even heard his operatic voice in mass even without his presence. The ghost of Justin Oei has appeared to me countless times in my senior year. He has graded Model UN assignments likely from his dorm room, his voice has echoed throughout the band room while rehearsing for mass, his presence is everywhere throughout the school. Justin Oei is a ghost in the machine of Oratory Prep. He haunts the school in his Oei-ish ways. A favored member of last year’s senior class, Justin was always doing something to better the school. Whether it be guarding the senior lunch line with his life or running five different clubs, the Oeiman was ever-present. Even as he went on to college, his presence will always be there. This makes his haunting very logical. He must be omnipresent throughout what was his home for six years.

If you were to ask any teacher of two-plus years they will have something to say about the ghost of Oratory. He was a great student and is remembered fondly by all Oratory faculty. His adult demeanor brought the average maturity of the school up by about four years. He was wise beyond his years. He was given power and wielded it responsibly. However, he has not wanted to rescind his power ever since his graduation all those months ago. Exploring the halls of Oratory will result in a Justin artifact being found. Every region of the school was explored by the man. His presence will still infect the school till the end of time.

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