Fall Intramurals


Image Courtesy of Daniel Carvalheiro-Santos

Matthew Yeager, Staff Writer

Fall Intramurals started last Tuesday for grades 9-12 this past Tuesday after school, lasting from 3:00 – 4:30! Two weeks ago was the first week of Intramurals and we kicked it off with basketball, and as it progresses there will be a rotation between different sports this week. The school is entering its second week of Intramurals and will last all through October.

During Intramurals, we have focused on many sports, mostly basketball, handball, and some others. During the first week, we did strictly basketball and scrimmaged each other and had small tournaments. During the second week, we played basketball on the first day because of soccer practice, and then, for the next two days, we played handball. Because of the PSAT’s for the 9th, 10th, and 11th grade, on Wednesday, Intramurals will not happen that day because of the early dismissal.

I personally really like Intramurals because it helps me stay active during the offseason when I don’t have any sports to attend. It helps me stay physically in shape and it makes sure that I’m prepared for sports in the winter and spring and not sloppy. As a freshman, it also helps me get to know more of my classmates better as we bond by playing sports. Intramurals helps us get familiar with each other even if we are both on opposing teams, and when we see each other in the halls, we stop and exchange greetings with each other as we gradually start to get to know them. As a freshman, Intramurals helps me stay physically in shape while also allowing me to bond with my classmates.