Tom Paxton and the Don Juans Review


Image Courtesy of the Georgetown

Cole Noss, Staff Writer

Last Friday, I went out with my grandma to see the Legendary Tom Paxton and the Don Juans. Now for those who aren’t hippies from the seventies (I’ll get more into that later), Tom Paxton is a very famous folk singer who has been singing since 1962. In case you still think this is some random dude, he did actually win a Grammy in 2009, so he’s at least kind of good. Anyways, so as I said, seventies hippies dominate this area, as Tom Paxton was a famous anti-war protester in… you guessed it… the seventies. Nowadays he’s still against war and also singing about the dangers of climate change but that’s for another article. 

Despite never listening to folk prior to this encounter, I, all in all, enjoyed the concert. Upon first walking in, there was a lady sitting cross-legged knitting, and it made me think “wow this generation is still around.” They knew all the words, and this made it even more fun. All in all, it was about an hour and a half of banjos, guitars, and pianos just making noise and everyone having a great time. Tom was a funny guy who has some pretty solid one-liners that he liked to slip in every once in a while.

While I’d never, ever heard of the man before last Thursday, I’ve been listening to his music all weekend, and I am a big fan. 10/10: I would go again