Impending Impeachment?


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Jonathan DeMontagnac, Staff Writer

Information about the newest scandal involving President Trump currently floods the news. On September 24th, a whistleblower came out claiming that President Trump had threatened to withhold American support from Ukraine if President Volodymyr Zelensky (current sitting president of Ukraine) did not open an investigation on former Vice President Joe Biden. After this news appeared on national news, the White House and President Trump released a defense that the call lacked a quid pro quo. This Latin phrase translates to “a favor for a favor.” In this context, this means that President Trump did not explicitly ask for a favor in return for giving the military support. On October 6th, a second whistleblower came out against President Trump. This whistleblower confirmed with what the first whistleblower had said. The combination of this scandal and others has caused many calls for the impeachment process to begin. 

The Oratory community seems to be split into three different factions over this news, similar to the American public. The first group has a strong belief that this is just another farce created by the Democrats in hopes of preventing President Trump from running in 2020. They also believe that this will amount to nothing, similar to the Mueller Report. The second group believes this will cause an issue from President Trump’s reelection but not impact his current presidency. Similar to the first group, they believe that this will end similar to the Mueller Report. The third and final group believes that this is a massive issue for President Trump due to his countless other scandals, as well as the severity of these accusations. This group also believes that if these claims are proven to be accurate, President Trump will be impeached before the election is over. 

Sadly, one will not be able to tell which group was the closest to the correct outcome for many months.