Face to Face with Head Rowdy Jeffrey “Lil JJ” Jarvis

The Rowdies supporting the soccer team in their first round of the Union County Tournament. The theme was USA and the boys defeated Arthur L. Johnson 3-0)

The Rowdies supporting the soccer team in their first round of the Union County Tournament. The theme was USA and the boys defeated Arthur L. Johnson 3-0)

Steven Fudenna, Staff Writer

Coupled with the Varsity Soccer team’s recent success has been the overwhelming presence and influence of the Rowdies student fan section. The statistics don’t lie, the soccer team’s performance is exponentially benefitted by the good-natured heckling and cheering from the Rowdies. Up until this point in the season, OP is 6-5, with 5 of its wins coming at home, most of them being games where Oratory dominates open play. In these 5 home wins, the Rams have scored 17 goals and only allowed 2. It’s clear that the energy from the Rowdies has been reflected and surged into the aggressive, high-tempo style the team has been playing with. Each home game has presented an even bigger turnout from the Rowdies than the last, with each game presenting more fans, louder chants, and an even more electric atmosphere.


Especially in the past few games, the Rowdies haven’t messed around, acquiring fans from all grade levels, incorporating themes for more spirit and craziness, and swamping the bleachers, establishing the prowess of the student section, even bringing dismay to the opposing team’s parents. On the throne guiding these young eccentric fans as they scream their hearts out for their squad is none other than the OP Puck Squad Goon (a self-dubbed title), Jeffrey John Joseph Jarvis Jr. I had the pleasure to engage in a discourse with Mr. Jarvis regarding his experience as Head Rowdy. 


What is your favorite part about being a Rowdy?

Spending quality time getting Rowdy with the boys.


What is your favorite memory as a Rowdy?

Being the Kings of Summit. It was a nice Saturday afternoon and the boys all had their jerseys on. We started off the day with a nice tailgate in the parking lot (next time gonna ask for a permit). Being from Oratory, I am used to hearing about how great Summit sports are, and it felt really good to watch the boys go to war and retake the Holy Land.


How do you feel on the ice, seeing your friends and the rest of Rowdies cheering you on?

It adds a different level of intensity to the game and really brings out the best in you.


What have you thought of the performance and attendance of the Rowdies this year?

Well so far, the Rowdies are 3-0 at home and plan to be 5-0 after we beat SPFHS and Dayton this week!


What themes would you like to be seen done in the future?

Blue and Gold, Halloween Costumes, Blackouts, and a few surprises later in the year. 


What’s your go-to heckle line?

If I see a guy I don’t like, he becomes the automatic scream guy. We yell till the ball is off his feet.


What do you feel your responsibility is as Head Rowdy?

First of all, get the boys rowdy. Second, get the boys to show up. Supply the water for after game celebrations (my friend Declan does a nice job at that). And just keep the boys going through the ups and downs.


What’s your favorite chant?



I feel safe knowing that Jeffrey is the one in control, leading the boys to be as rowdy as possible to bring out the best in each of our teams. I’m excited to see what new ideas he has to bring to the table, and with Jeff Jarvis, you’ll always get a surprise. I’d like to thank Jeff for taking the time to speak with me, and thank him and the rest of the Rowdies for their incredible support this soccer season. #MarcFeliu