Envisioning This Year’s Yearbook


Chris Lowe, Steven Fudenna, Ted Babcock, James Kim, Nick Looney, Cole Noss, and Mrs. Gribbin getting ready to embark on their trip!

Steven Fudenna, Staff Writer

On Tuesday, September 24, a select few members from the Journalism class, Chris Lowe, Ted Babcock, Nick Looney, and Cole Noss, joined the yearbook editors, Steven Fudenna and James Kim, and Mrs. Gribbin on a field trip to design the cover of the 2020 Aries yearbook. The crew traveled down to the Homewood Suites in Eatontown to meet with designers from the Jostens yearbook company. Together, they viewed samples of other yearbooks from various years and schools to see some ideas that they liked. The Journalism Class had already brainstormed some themes for the yearbook, but the squad on the trip finalized on the theme “Hindsight 2020”. The book will be a recap, looking back at all of the great moments and achievements within the school community in the year.


The group then sat down with Mike Cannon, and Kris Keller from Jostens to digitally create the design for the yearbook. Keller used a computerized art program to make the covers of the yearbook and consulted with the group to decide where things looked best. After trying different color and texture palettes, the final masterpiece was assembled. You’ll have to purchase the yearbook to see how it turned out! Available now!


After a long hard day of brainstorming and trial and error, the group rewarded themselves with some delectable wings from Buffalo Wild Wings! The hot, zingy, flavorful wings were a perfect capstone to the day and were well deserved for their efforts. The boys had a bit of fun and tomfoolery with Mrs. Gribbin, getting the waitresses to announce to the restaurant that it was her birthday and presented her with a dessert. All in all, it was a successful day, finalizing the brilliant cover of the yearbook, getting some new ideas for pages, and topped off with a great meal. Trips in the future are already being anticipated! Don’t forget to buy a yearbook!