An Interview with Logan Drone


Jonathan DeMontagnac, Staff Writer

Today I had the chance to interview Logan Drone. Logan is currently a junior, who has been attending Oratory since 7th grade. He has been running Cross Country since 9th grade. In this article, we will learn more about Logan’s involvement in Cross Country.


How long have you been running Cross Country?

This is my third year running Cross Country, as I started running for the first time as a freshman here at Oratory.


Would you run Cross Country in college??

Probably not. I do not think I am fast enough to run in college, as I just started a few years ago. I also don’t think I would want to play a sport in college, as I just wanna enjoy the college experience as much as possible without having to worry about sports and that kind of thing.


What is one word that you would use to describe yourself?

Outgoing. I always put others before myself under all circumstances.


Was there a major influence or something that swayed you chose to run cross country?

The biggest influence for me to run Cross Country was simply the idea that I would get in VERY good shape for the time being. I would be in great condition, and that idea strived me to keep working hard and join the XC team.


Who would you say is the biggest influence in your life currently?

My grandfather is the biggest influence in my life currently. Everything he has told me I take to heart, and every time I run or play sports, I always play for his name.


Do you have any pregame routines? If so what are they?

Not really. I don’t have any set routines that I do before a meet, I kind of just go with the flow and run my best. For baseball, I have some routines but that is a story for another time.


Do you currently have a personal goal (or goals) for this season? If so what are they?

Yes, my goal for this year is to run an 18:30 time by the end of the year. This would mean that I drop my time by 40 seconds by the end of the year, something that is very possible.


Does anyone in your family run (or have ran) cross country? If so who?

My brother ran cross country in high school, and currently, he does club running at Villanova as well. Other than that, I am the only member of my family who runs on a daily basis