Meet OP’s Vice President: Peter Ainsworth

James Kim, Editor

Last week, the Omega had the opportunity to interview senior Alex Felitto about his thoughts on the school year. Not only a star on the golf course, basketball score table, and classroom, Alex is the head president of the student body and capable of truly making this year at Oratory a great one. Joining him is Peter Ainsworth, another accomplished student who brings plenty of knowledge, experience, and perspective as the vice president of student council. I was able to catch up with him amidst his hectic schedule and see what he brings to the table.


When asked about his partnership with Felitto, Peter said that he admires the ambition they share with one another. They both bring different personalities but are able to balance each other out in doing so. Overall, Peter believes that the duo is able to form an excellent team. Regarding student council’s plans for this school year, he mentioned how much of the focus would be placed on the “small things” that can make the overall experience at school better. This includes possibly having TVs in Degaeta’s cafeteria for entertainment, improving the older bathrooms in Bain, and making the student lounge more accessible. 


I also asked Peter a few questions to let readers know about his character, interests, and life as a student. His favorite class this year is marketing with Mr. Gaertner, which Peter says, “is something you just have to experience.” He enjoys watching The Office on Netflix, just like any other teenager and fan of Michael Scott. Finally, I asked “if you had the chance to eat dinner with any figure, who would it be?” He responded with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Peter admires Arnold’s wide variety of accomplishments throughout his years within the fields of bodybuilding, acting, and business. “He is a real life example of pursuing your passions and making the most out of life,” he added.


Students can expect some big contributions from Peter, an Oratory lifer who is now in his sixth and final year at the school. I personally believe that Alex and Peter will work efficiently together, along with the rest of student council, to make their final year at the school a memorable one. They truly care about accomplishing much at the school, since they have the opportunity to make an impact right at their hands. I think they will well represent this year’s motto through whatever they choose to do with their passions.

Vice president Peter Ainsworth, pictured left, alongside president Alex Felitto.