Global Climate Change


OP responds to the call of the Pope on climate change.

Luke Bernstein, Co-Editor

His Holiness Pope Francis recently galvanized the entire Catholic community to address the rampant issue of climate change that has the potential to destroy the world as we know it. In his addresses, Pope Francis specifically discussed children and the power they have to change the world for the better as their survival is dependent on an Earth that is functional. Oratory Prep has responded to the Pope’s call through the actions of the Saint Philip Neri Club. Prior to the United Nations Conference on climate change during the week of September 23rd, the SPNC organized many events to raise awareness for this dire issue.

On Friday, September 20th, the daily morning mass had a special climate awareness theme for the celebration. Junior Joseph Marchese spoke about the Pope’s message regarding climate change and called on the congregation to act in support of a better planet. Science teacher Mrs. Pasnik reminded all those in attendance that every small action does wonders to help the environment, even throwing out the small bit of garbage you find on the lunch table is making an impact for the better. Finally, Mrs. Michalski handed out stress balls in the shape of the Earth to remind everyone to think about their impact on the planet and to speak on the issue. During the rest of the day, all religion classes that met that day went outside with posters to picket individuals who refuse to do anything about climate change and in an attempt to change minds about this issue. For those who were not in those groups, the Saint Philip Neri Club hopes to spread the message to the entire school through the Daily Announcements. Each morning, there are suggestions announced over the loudspeaker on how to live a greener life to try and save the planet one person at a time. 

Everyone here at Oratory is hoping and praying that the world leaders gathering this week at the United Nations in New York will hear the demands of the young generations for immediate and tangible action to try and correct the damage that has been done to our Earth and its climate.