Beer Money Millionaire

Beer Money Millionaire

Image Courtesy of Carson King’s Twitter.

Christopher McAllister, Staff Writer

As college game day descended upon Iowa State University, a previously unknown man held up his plea for beer money on national television. His name was Carson King. As the Venmo notifications rolled in and the money began to pile up, Carson had no idea what to do with the money. The rivers would never run dry at any tailgate again with the $24,000+ in donations. But even after game day concluded and the game wrapped up, the donations kept rolling in. 

By the end of the night, Carson’s Venmo had over $178,000. With no reason to keep the money, Carson set out to donate the money. He tweeted about it as he crossed the $1,600 threshold, and Venmo and Busch were quick to match donations. However, the event went national, and now, he has been donated over $1,000,000. All of which will be donated to the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital. 

Carson has turned into a college legend as a man on a quest for beer to a man on a quest for the betterment of humanity. In return for not spending all the money on beer, Busch has rewarded him with a year’s supply of custom beer.