2019 Spring Sports Awards

Varsity Baseball Coach, Mr. Stephen Maybe (Right), with Andrew Meisner, the Varsity Baseball MVP (Left).

Varsity Baseball Coach, Mr. Stephen Maybe (Right), with Andrew Meisner, the Varsity Baseball MVP (Left).

Liam Henderson, Staff Writer

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Oratory held its seasonal Sports Awards ceremony on Tuesday, May 29th where all athletes on every level were recognized for playing a sport during the Spring season. All levels are presented with a certificate, but only Varsity players can be chosen for one of three awards for each sport. The three accolades that are awarded for each Varsity sports team are the Coaches Award, Most Valuable Player, and Most Improved Player. The Coaches Award is given to a player who embodies the coach’s philosophy and helps the team in all ways they possibly can. Most Improved Player is awarded to the player who progressed the most and increased their skill and passion for the sport. This progression can be during the season or from seasons prior. Lastly, the Most Valuable Player Award is granted to the player who contributes the most to the team. This award is typically given to the best player on the team during that season. The athletes who received these awards for the 2019 season are as follows:



Coaches Award – Nick Demarinis

Most Valuable Player – Andrew Meisner

Most Improved Player – John Meehan



Coaches Award – Joey Jarowicz

Most Valuable Player – Matt Garibaldi

Most Improved Player – John Kraft



Coaches Award – Drew St.Amant

Most Valuable Player – Will Moran

Most Improved Player – Arnav Chahal



Coaches Award – Alex Felitto

Most Valuable Player – Sean Vowells

Most Improved Player – Peter Byrne



Coaches Award – Fernando Aviles

Most Valuable Player – Anthony Coraggio

Most Improved Player – Christopher Kraemer

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