So, About Fortnite Season 9


Image Courtesy of Forbes

Alexander Jansiewicz, Staff Writer

So Fortnite has released it’s 9th ten-week season, and it’s amazing!

Pranked! You really thought that I would like it? To be honest, I hate it so much, that I’m only a millimeter away from fully uninstalling the game. Considering my involvement within the Fortnite community as well as my extensive research into tactics and meta strategies to help boost my game, I have more than enough ample evidence to prove that season 9 of Fortnite is absolutely abysmal.

First off, the pump shotgun has been vaulted, already angering millions of players. The pump shotgun was a staple of the game and was also recognized by people who never played Fortnite. Its removal triggered many e-sport professionals, as well as casual players too. It was replaced by what one could describe as a very distant, loosely related cousin: the combat shotgun. While the stats and DPS are impressive, the accuracy stumbles many PC players while giving leeway for console players to abuse it with aim assist.

Second, the Tommy gun is back. While it isn’t related with the season 9 update, it still is too prominent within the new season. Now it’s encouraging more players to return to the old and unfortunate “spray and pray” meta. Nowadays, most people don’t build within competitive and casual games. They just waste all their bullets in hopes that the other player dies within mere seconds.

Overall, the changes are bad, and I wish I was back in the season 2 days. The map changes are all right, but they’re not enjoyable with the current meta-strategy. I rate season 9 of Fortnite a 3/10.