Interview with OP Tennis Talent Nick Carnevale

Interview with OP Tennis Talent Nick Carnevale

From a very young age, Nick Carnevale has been a tennis star wherever he goes. As a Sophomore at Oratory Prep, Nick joined the team this year and immediately started on Varsity. He has been helping lead the team to victory, especially as he gains more and more experience and skill. More recently, Nick has been playing second singles along with other matches helping the team advance to higher competitions. Nick was kind enough to participate in an interview where he answered questions about the beginning of his tennis career, his current and future career, and the OP tennis team as a whole.


Jacob: Who or what inspired you to begin playing tennis when you were younger? At exactly what age did you start?

Nick: My family friends liked tennis so my parents signed me up to do a clinic with them when I was 7. That is around the age where I started and then I played up until 7th grade.


Joseph: How often would you say you practiced at that age?

Nick: I practiced 3 times a week and had matches once a week.


Jacob: I know you took a break from the sport, so what made you pick it up again?

Nick: I gave lacrosse a try freshmen year and did not really like it so I decided to try playing tennis again. I wanted to play for fun because I hadn’t played in so long.


Joseph: What accomplishments is the team looking to achieve before the season’s end?

Nick: We are looking to win as many of our matches as possible to get a good seed for the sectional tournament where we hope to go as far as we can.


Jacob: How well is the team doing so far this season? What’s your record?

Nick: The team is doing good this year, we are 7-6. 


Joseph: Did anything or anyone surprise you when you joined the team?

Nick: I was surprised at how much fun Coach MJ made practice and at the seeding process within our team.


Jacob: How many matches are still to be played in the season?

Nick: We have 4 more matches throughout the next two weeks unless they get rained out.