What Teachers Are Doing This Summer

What Teachers Are Doing This Summer

Photo Courtesy of razaproperties.net

Connor McDermott, Staff Writer

Now that the school year is winding down, students are going to start going talking to each other about what they are planning on doing with their summer break. Some may go down to the shore or others could be working. But many people don’t see what the teachers are doing with their summer vacation. So I went to three different teachers to see what they are doing for summer break this year.


Mr. Seebode – I’m going to Colorado to go hiking with my cousin. I’m also teaching a marine biology class here during the summer and I am going to try to volunteer at Raptor Trust in Basking Ridge.


Mr. McCrystal – I’m driving down to Georgia and visiting all of the major places on the way.


Mr. Kaounis – I have two small children, so I am probably not going to be able to leave my house all summer.