Seniors’ Favorite Things

Seniors Favorite Things

Liam Henderson, Staff Writer

Last Friday, April 26, was the last day for the current Seniors, and they will officially graduate later in June. Most had attended Oratory for four years while others had been here in middle school or transferred in during high school. Either way, every single student made some great memories that will never be forgotten. The Seniors will be greatly missed, and here is one last piece where five Seniors themselves are able to tell you what they remember most, or their favorite memory, at Oratory.


Chris Kraemer (Vice President)

Activity: Mock Trial

Memory: When a judge at Voorhees called Liam Henderson, a younger student at Oratory, Harrison, the name stuck and he became Liam Harrison since that day.


Drew St. Amant (President)

Activity: School

Memory: Chris Uustal’s renowned debates with Mr. Blauner during health class. For those who don’t know, Chris’ dad is a doctor, and he has passed much of his knowledge down to his son.


Nicholas Demarinis (Varsity Baseball Captain)

Activity: Baseball

Memory: When the baseball team traveled down to Florida last year.


Nicholas Sannito (Mock Trial Captain)

Activity: School

Memory: Dan Malave’s student council speech sophomore year. (He yelled into the mic for two straight minutes, and I thought the crowd was going to start a riot).


William Demilt (Varsity Baseball Starter)

Activity: Baseball

Memory: The great times the baseball team had when they traveled down to Maryland and Washington D.C. this year.