An Unexpected Survivor

Liam Henderson, Staff Writer

He had a stutter since birth. He couldn’t form sentences until he was a young child. He was diagnosed with ADHD in his teenage years. His teachers told his parents he was not capable to keep up with a regular curriculum. He was bullied when he moved to a school in Alabama from Montclair High School in New Jersey. His name is Josh Allen, and his story is unlike any other. As a small child, he faced all kinds of challenges including a stutter, which still has not gone away, bullies, and ADHD. Three years after moving to a high school in Alabama to play football, he moved back to his original school and played a position he had never played in his life. Over the span of his high school career, Allen quit three times due to bullying and hazing traditions that are not accepted by the program anymore. He was smaller, quieter, less sure of himself, and had no idea what his future entailed. He received the last scholarship offer from Kentucky and turned himself into a superstar from a two-star recruit on sheer determination. Less than a week ago, Josh Allen was drafted seventh overall by the Jacksonville Jaguars and showed the world his ability to overcome any challenge in his way. He became a NFL player. He became a millionaire who could support his family. Most importantly, he became a role model, and he showed that starting at a disadvantage can sometimes be your biggest advantage.