Goregrind | Is it TOO Extreme?


John Coyne, Staff Writer

Welcome to the sub-sub-sub-sub genre of Goregrind, quite possibly the most extreme genre of the extreme metal scene. But, is it so extreme that it’s just flat out stupid? Yes, yes it is. Let’s go over what makes goregrind, well …  goregrind and not other genres such as Brutal Death Metal or Grindcore. Goregrind must have gorey song titles, album covers, and lyrics. Everything is centered around gore. The guitars must be down tuned quite a bit, and there must be so much distortion that the notes become indistinguishable from each other. The drums must be stuck on blast beat mode, mostly gravity blasts, going at least 210 BPM. If goregrind is not going stupidly fast, then there is no grind. Since everything is going so fast, the song lengths are usually between ten seconds to two minutes with the mean value being roughly forty seconds… And now for the most ridiculous part: the vocals. Unlike normal Death Metal where the vocals are guttural without any effects, goregrind takes those vocals, adds a pitch shifter pedal to it to make it an octave lower, and adds a flanger pedal to it to get a watery type of tone. I like to describe the vocals as a sink draining, and to be totally honest, it’s pretty disgusting and uncomfortable to listen to. The cherry on top is that the production on these albums is total garbage. Ninety percent of goregrind albums literally just sounds like white noise from your TV. If there was a goregrind band that you would actually want to listen to more than one time it would be the band that started it all, Carcass (fitting name). Carcass gave the public a taste of goregrind with their album “Reek of Putrefaction,” from 1988. This level of extremity is as extreme as the genre goes. The production is mediocre, and the vocals are normal death metal vocals, but everything else is exactly how goregrind should be. Goregrind should have never turned out to be what it is today, but it sure is fun to make fun of…


Welp… stay metal \m/