Microplastics can be Carried Through Wind

Thomas Coder, Staff Writer

Microplastics are very small pieces of plastic that can be carried through the wind. It is a result of the degradation of textiles or other fabrics over time. A type of microplastic that was unique to Paris was found in a mountain range 60 miles away from the city. They have additionally been found in the grand lakes, meaning that they are so small they can pass through both artificial and natural water filters. For every square meter discovered in France, there were 385 individual microplastics found. Since they are commonly found in oceans, it is predicted that seafood carries them as well. Usually fish will mistake the particles for food, and they will do this multiple times. This will lead to a build-up of chemicals in the fish’s liver. This has caused research in regards to whether or not they can be directly harmful to someone’s health. The only way to solve this is to ban the usage of microplastics. For example, microbeads are banned in the United States from personal care products and certain clothing fabrics. If microplastics form an even more serious threat to the environment, there could be a heavy amount of new regulations coming to people of multiple industries.