Hypnosis at Oratory

Cole Noss, Staff Writer

Ladies and gentlemen… boys and girls… our man, the magician, the wizard, the warlock himself, the Oratory Prep hypnotist is back once again except this time in a new form.

That’s right the usual guy (Skylr) couldn’t make it, so he sent in a buddy who may have even surpassed the original warlock in skill. Through his technique of altering your mind, he was able to completely control 15 Oratory students and make them do his bidding. They underwent treacherous acts such singing the Itsy Bitsy Spider in death metal form, making Joe Del Sol so hot that he ripped his shirt open and made the room 10 times hotter, and worst of all Luke Mogen’s atrocious shoot. Though, as always the hypnotist provided a relaxing break from the drudge of school before a 3 day weekend, one of the highlights of the school year. I am serious though when I call that man a wizard because Peter Ainsworth was going off on stage, and I don’t think I could’ve paid him to cuddle that close to Joe Del Sol. At the same time, it’s important to recognize that some people just resist the hypnosis.

Special shoutout to that kid far left… We all saw him smiling and winking and pretending to fall asleep during the show as if he were slick. Pretending to be hypnotized to discredit the great magician. But you know who didn’t do anything the entire show? That’s right…  that kid on the far left. So in the end, the wizard always wins.

On a little side note for Mr. Martin, thank you for bringing this guy back. Or his friend…. Or his second cousin. Really doesn’t matter because the hypnosis, despite the questionable belief in his act, is always enjoyable and now an ingrained part of OP tradition.