2019 Empty Bowls Fundraiser

Nick Looney, Staff Writer

Empty Bowls is a yearly fundraiser at Oratory for those hungry in New Jersey. Students throughout the year, mainly Mrs. Preston’s Art Club, create a voluminous amount of amazing pottery. When the fundraiser comes, people pay to have a bowl of soup of their choice, in one of the premade bowls of their choice. The person gets to take home their bowl, while the extra proceeds go towards feeding the hungry.

This year, the fundraiser had a wide array of bowls. The Art Club really puts their heart and soul into this event. Also, the amount of guys giving up their lunch period to volunteer was awesome to see. Some of the choices of soup included the ever popular chicken noodle, served by volunteer moms. The charity event made around $1,800 dollars, an astronomical amount considering the “entry fee” was 15 dollars. It would not have been popular without the hard work of the art club this year, and in all years before, and the volunteering of art club and parents. Some people may get a life-saving meal because of the event.