First Autistic Kid to Receive D1 Scholarship

Liam Henderson, Staff Writer

Recently, history was made. Kalin Bennett became the first basketball player with autism to receive a Division 1 Scholarship. Not only was Kalin the first basketball player with autism to be granted this kind of opportunity, but he is the only athlete with autism to be offered a scholarship across all Division 1 sports. Kent State offered Kalin a scholarship, and he accepted even though he received several offers from other schools. Bennett is 6’10” and intends to play center for Kent State. Kalin Bennett overcame all odds and accomplished what any normal person dreams of doing. He began going to therapy shortly after birth, and his therapist told him that he would never talk or walk. He persevered and began walking at the age of four and talking at the age of eight. The school looks for him to excel in the classroom as well as the basketball court. The reason he chose Kent State as opposed to the other schools that offered was due to their focus on raising awareness and fundraising for autism. Bennett is trying to inspire others with his disease to keep fighting even when the odds were against them. He has tried hard to set a good example, and, so far, his actions exemplify what it means to rise above adversity against all odds.