Why CWP Needs to be Extended

Image Courtesy of El Estoque

Jack Sula, Staff Writer

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Common Works Period desperately needs to be extended to help fulfill its purpose and become more effective. Since CWP only lasts for 25 minutes, its purpose cannot be fulfilled as by the time it begins and a student has to move between rooms, the student often has only 20 minutes to be productive. CWP needs to be extended to last 45 minutes.

How can students meet effectively with tutors, classmates, and teachers if they are so heavily time constrained? By extending CWP, students would have more time to work on group projects with their classmates. In 20 minutes, a project cannot be collaborated on by a group of students, but in 45 minutes the students have ample time to work. Secondly, students will be able to have the opportunity to make up tests and quizzes in a 45-minute CWP, time they do not have in a 25 minutes CWP. Additionally, students will be able to ask their teachers more questions and dive into more depth without a harsh time restraint. Finally, it allows time for students to gain a stronger understanding of concepts from teachers and students in 45 minutes rather than 25.

Students need a break. CWP is an opportunity for students to also socialize with their peers. Socializing is limited when a rush to study, complete homework, or meet with teachers eclipse all the time in CWP. If it was extended to 45 minutes, students could both do work and socialize. By providing a break to socialize, students would be more focused and relaxed for the rest of the day. In sum, there are many benefits to extended CWP from 25 to 45 minutes.

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