The Start of Junior Year College Testing Season

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Kyle Roethlin, Staff Writer

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As we approach the spring and summer months, high school juniors around the country will begin (if they haven’t already) to take a wide variety of standardized tests aimed at college preparedness and academic credits. Juniors at OP are no exception to this trend. On the April 2nd, juniors will take the real ACT, no longer taking the ACT Aspire, a test comparable to the PSAT. In addition, many juniors took the March 9th SAT and some will take the test on May 4th. Some students will also take the SAT subject tests. These optional tests are based on a specific subject and show colleges the student’s preparedness on the particular subject. Still, many OP juniors will soon begin intensive preparations for AP testings, which take place towards the beginning of May. These test show colleges if the students could pass a college level course, as AP courses are meant to be taught with the same rigor as a college course. High scores on these tests can give the student academic credits at the college or university they attend.


Clearly, the spring and summer months are a flurry of activity for juniors. But what is this experience like? How stressed are the students for these exams? I talked to some of my fellow juniors to get their opinions.


1. Are you stressed for upcoming tests (SAT, SAT Subject tests, ACT, AP, etc.)?

 Andrew Stelmach: Yes, I’m stressed.

Nick Looney: Of course I’m stressed, but I feel like nowadays there are a lot of resources to help you prepare, and you can always take them again. So not stressed too badly.

Owen O’Loughlin: No.

Andrew Stauffer: Yes, I’m stressed.

Ryan Del Rio: No.

Cole Noss: Not in the slightest.

Richard Williams: I’m less stressed than I should be.


2. How are you preparing, and how have such preparations gone?

Andrew Stelmach: UWorld practice problems.

Nick Looney: I did the SAT/ACT class at Oratory, I’ve been doing SAT tutoring, and then practicing on my own with the SAT book. My score has gone up a decent amount.

Owen O’Loughlin: No.

Andrew Stauffer: I’ve done much preparation (Andrew cites BreakawayPrep as a key component of his preparation.)

Ryan Del Rio: Practice Tests.

Cole Noss: I am currently looking to catch the diarrhea on the test date (For those who don’t know, Cole Noss has already achieved a very impressive ACT score, and thus finds no need to care about the upcoming test date).

Richard Williams: OP SAT class and online prep.


3. How do you expect to do?

Andrew Stelmach: Probably a 30-31 ACT.

Nick Looney: I think I’ll do pretty well, at the very least hit the mark for the colleges I’m

applying to.

Owen O’Loughlin: Fine.

Andrew Stauffer:  I expect to get a 31-32

Ryan Del Rio: Pretty good hopefully.

Cole Noss: The diarrhea will be fierce.

Richard Williams: I’m looking for either a 1450 SAT or a 32 ACT.


OP juniors are hard at work as standardized tests begin. Determined to achieve their goal scores, juniors are focused and ready for the challenges ahead and are excited by the future.